At todays Opendata.ch Conference 2014 I had the opportunity to talk about technologies around the topic of open data. I gave a quick overview over different approaches that are being used including CKAN, The DataTank and Data Central.

On the technical side a talked about (Tabular) Data Packages and a little bit about JSON-LD. Did you know, that GMail is already using it?.

Here are my slides (German only, sorry!):

In the discussions that followed we talked about why we need Open Data portals (conclusion: mainly for the PR) and if we prefer to wait until a data provider "cleaned" it's data or rather want it fast, so that the community can help to clean it up (consensus: quick and dirty).

For me, today was a really fun conferences. I met lots of new people, could catch up with already familiar ones and listen to a lot of great talks.

Update: Now the videos of the conference have been published. My session has not been recorded, but at the end I could quickly present our findings (again German only):

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