Some time ago I started to fiddle with ruhoh, a static blog generator. I thought the idea of having static files as the interface to your website was intriguing.

When I started ruhoh was still beta (I don't remember the exact version number, but you can see for yourself if you want). The nice thing about ruhoh is, that it's still in development, and not all things just work. But the creator of ruhoh is available on Twitter or GitHub, so you can just ask, if something does not work.

Anyway, my early attempts to move from Tumblr to ruhoh never really made it past this fiddle phase. But when Tumblr announced a big DNS change and I found out that the DNS service I was using (XName) is really bad when I comes to changes, I lost my blog.

I used to blog under the domain readmore.ch. But this doesn't feel right anymore. I use my nickname 'odi' resp. 'metaodi' all over the interwebs. So why not use it for my blog? Therefore I was once more looking into ruhoh, which in the meantime grew to a pretty good stable product (with still some fiddling if you want). So finally I created a new blog using ruhoh 2.6, imported my old Tumblr content here as markdown files and start all over again.

The fun part was to upgrade the ruhoh standard template to Bootstrap 3. Now I got an up to date blog, which is even responsive. The complete source can be found on GitHub. Btw: I use GitHub Pages for the hosting and switched to DNSimple to provide my DNS service for metaodi.ch.

My plan for this blog is, that it should contain my opinion on various topics. It should not be too technical (I will write such content on other blogs, like the one of my company). It'll be mainly in English, but every once in a while I will write in German if needed (look out for the corresponding tag).

Happy reading and welcome to my new home!

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