I really like unit testing, and nowadays there is an helping framework for almost every environment and/or programming language. For PL/SQL this is utPLSQL, which consists of a bunch of packages that you need to put on your database and then you should be good to test your could. You should.

I just spent some hours debugging my test code, so I want to share this with you, maybe I can save someone out there some time.

My setting

  • Schema A: utPLSQL package
  • Schema B: package XY (code to test), package UT_XY (test code)

I have two schemas A and B. In schema A utPLSQL is installed, and in B is the code to test. It is recommended to have your code to test and your test code in the same schema.

The following script is used to run the tests:

   for c in (select object_name,owner
               from all_objects
              where object_name like 'UT\_%' escape '\'
                and object_type ='PACKAGE')
       package_in => substr(c.object_name,4),
       prefix_in => 'UT_',
       owner_in => c.owner
     -- in case of a faulty unittest continue with the others.
     when others then
   end loop;

But I kept getting the error:

 Program named "XY" does not exist.

So I thought that somehow the schema A does not “see” the packages in the schema B and created public synonyms. Unfortunately this didn’t help. Then I tried to move the “UT_” package to schema A, which worked, but now I got an error that the code to test and the test code are in different schemas.

There must be something obvious I’m missing!

And there it was: A had not “execute” grant on the packages in B.

  grant execute on b.xy to A;

Now everything just worked fine.

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