dvd::rip (or dvdrip at the gentoo repository) is a very comfortable ripping software to bring your DVDs on your harddisk.

When I emerged it and wanted to rip a dvd, I just got no result.

  1. the logfile showed no error
  2. in the status bar the text appeared Grab preview - title #3 Duration: 00:01 [Error]
  3. dvd::rip did nothing.

The chapter has been ripped and the file existed on the filesystem, but I was unable to transcode it or do anything else with dvd::rip.

A lot of googling did not provide the solution, but finally I saw that dvd::rip prints the exact command that is executed in the logfile, so I tried to run it manually to eventually see an error.

And then there was theerror:

convert: no decode delegate for this image format `/tmp/dvdrip24111.snap/snapshot001.png'.

I quick search with that showed me, that the problem was imagemagick, which obviously did not have png support. I added the USE-flag “png” to imagemagick in /etc/portage/package.use and re-emerged imagemagick.

Another problems was that transcode was missing the “mp3” USE-flag.

Since then dvd::rip just works!

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