The problem is the following: You create a report with MS Access with a text field. To display the whole text, you have to set the “CanGrow” property to “Yes” (on the section and on the text-field). When running the report that has vertical lines as column seperator you have an ungly effect: The line keeps its size, as this has been fixed in the design view.

One might think that the easy solution is to adjust this length at runtime. First of all I need to declare what “runtime” means. As this problem occures in every “Detail”-Section we must dive in the events a section provides. There are three of them “OnRetreat”, “OnFormat” and “OnPrint” (apart all the mouse events, which are defenitly not suitable).

The Retreat-Event occurs “when Microsoft Access returns to a previous report section during report formatting” (Source: VBA Help). Not exactly what we’re looking for.

The Format-Event occurs “when Microsoft Access determines which data belongs in a report section, but before Access formats the section for previewing or printing”. It sounds good, but at this point we don’t have our data in the section and are therefore unable to determine the correct height.

Finally the Print-Event “after data in a report section is formatted for printing, but before the section is printed”. Here we are, we have our data which is not yet printed. The problem is that at this point all elements are already formatted, all we can do is add new elements and that’s why we can’t just adjust the height of each line by setting it via

 Me.myLine.Height = Me.Height '''this does not work in the OnPrint event, myLine has already been formatted

The simple solution is to draw a new line and use your already placed line as a template:

Private Sub Detail_Print(Cancel As Integer, PrintCount As Integer)
    Dim EndOfLine As Double
    EndOfLine = Me.Height       ''height of section (where the line stops)

    ''becasue it's not allowed in such a late state to change lines, we draw new one's based on the old
    Me.Line (Me.myLine.Left, 0)-(Me.myLine.Left, EndOfLine)

End Sub;

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