In my particular case I got an excel sheet from the customer to import in a DB. The idea is to use a CSV as the base for an Oracle external table and then import the data in the real table with a “insert into select”.

When I loaded the excel sheet and saved it as a CSV, the semicolon (“;”) was used as a seperator. I therefore created my external table and worked with the data. Then i realized that the order of the fields get messed up, because there were free text fields that contained “;” as data.

I didn’t find an option in excel to change the seperator character, but as usually Google is your friend.

This character is saved directly in your system in the “Region and Language Options” in the “Control Panel” (yes, I’m talking about MS Windows). You can selected there the “Customize” button and change the “List separator” to the value you want.

First I tried to set this to “###”, but this didn’t work, excel then used a single space as separator. It seems it’s not allowed to use multiple characters. Now, I use “#” and everything works fine.

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